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Transform your Projects with Expert Graphic Design

Transform your Projects with Expert Graphic Design

With over fifteen years of experience we are here to help you elevate your projects with impactful and precise design

Mario Barba – Creative Director

How we can help

At Barba Creative, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to support and enhance your engineering projects: Technical Infographics, Project Signage, Branding, Publications and Media, Symposia and Events.

Technical Infographics

Transform complex data into clear, visual representations that enhance understanding and communication.

Project Signage

Develop engaging and informative signage that ensures clarity and compliance on-site.


Create a strong brand identity that resonates within the engineering industry and sets you apart from competitors.

Publications & Media

Design compelling publications, reports, and media content that effectively communicate your project's goals and achievements.

Dedicated to providing reliable and creative service that meet your highest standards

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working closely with your team to understand your specific needs and deliver tailored solutions.

Let's discuss how we can support your team

Book a free 30-minute consultation with us today to explore potential collaborations and see how our expertise can benefit your business.

What our clients say

Barba Creative provide a sensitive and well tailored service. They are quick to understand the customers business and how best to link the consumers with the brand.