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Case Study

Shortsteps are specialists in performance improvement training and coaching.

The intention of the rebrand was to target  corporate professionals more effectively. A new visual identity was required aswell as clarifying internal substance (purpose, mission, vision and values) and establishing a clear brand persona.

Case Study

The Outlaw persona

The Shortsteps brand justifiably includes elements of the Outlaw archetype, in that they challenge and disrupt the norm by questioning beliefs and conventions.

However, due to the corporate environment we decided to create an appearance that would not look out of place while allowing the disruptive element to express itself through the verbal aspect of the brand.


Identifying the desired market position helps inform the visual style.

Logo design

With the brand name ‘Shortsteps’, our intention, was to avoid the obvious and appeal to the appropriate audience.

Logo design


Visual System

A visual system maintains  consistency for all branding and marketing materials.

This includes use of colour, fonts and style imagery/photography.

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Mind control

Dream interpretation


Taking action

What the client said...

Managing director Chris Cortopassi of Short Steps Ltd: 

Working with Mario was hard work but in a good way!
He really helps you to dig down and get to the root of what your business is about, what your core values and messaging is and what your ideal customers need to see and hear from you.
I needed to rebrand as I was growing my business from 121 model to serving businesses. Mario was referred to me by others in the industry I respected and trust. He worked tirelessly, even when I would get frustrated, to get the best outcome for me, based on my desired goals and constraints.

Case Study

The benefit was a much clearer understanding of who I was, how I could best represent myself and how to make myself attractive to potential clients.
New branding is slick, powerful and lines up really nicely now with other businesses operating in my space…..on many cases, IMHO, much better!
He is easy going, spiritually motivated and supportive, definitely recommend working with him.

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Click the link below to arrange a 30 minute appointment where we can give you some insights into your brand