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Parkway Consulting: Digital Transformation


Parkway Consulting has long been a pillar in the financial consulting industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services including mortgage advice, pension planning, wealth management, and legal financial instruments. With a discerning clientele of business owners and individuals approaching retirement, Parkway recognized the need for a digital presence that reflected their unique combination of expertise and dedication to personal service.

The Challenge:

The digital transformation aimed to integrate Parkway’s new visual identity into a contemporary and responsive website design. The challenge was to marry the formality expected of the financial sector with the warm, personal engagement that Parkway’s clients cherish. This balance was crucial to encourage user interaction and portray the brand’s unique persona.

Our Process:

Our collaboration began with a discovery phase to align Parkway’s stringent regulatory standards with our creative process. With regular checkpoints for client approvals,
we meticulously shaped a design that met both compliance and aesthetic benchmarks.

In our discussions, we identified bespoke photography and video interviews with the management team as essential tools to convey Parkway’s dedication to ‘care’ and individual att ention. This multimedia approach provided a dynamic platform to showcase the brand’s personality beyond the constraints of text and static images. 

The Solution:

The resulting website is a fusion of formal, modern design and personalised service. Each page is crafted, with user-centric navigation guiding visitors through Parkway’s extensive service offerings. The integration of bespoke
visual content not only reinforces Parkway’s brand identity but also establishes an immediate connection with the viewer, laying the groundwork for trust and rapport.

Client Feedback

The response from Parkway Consulting was overwhelmingly positive, with commendations on how our approach has reshaped their perspective on their brand. They have since adopted additional branding elements ie; a mascot, to further personify their approachable and congenial image. The collaboration has not only refreshed their digital presence but has also empowered them with a newfound vision for self-presentation.

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