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Bookkeeper brand repositioning

Bookkeeper brand repositioning

From name change to repositioning 

Meet Jo Querelle, a local bookkeeper with a burning desire: not just to change her business name, but to ignite a whole new identity.

And that’s the magic of starting with a name change. It is an open door, inviting you to explore and redefine your entire business positioning. Because your name isn’t just a label, it is a condensed expression of your brand personality. It needs to connect with your ideal audience and tell them who you are in a heartbeat.

Jo and I  took a deep-dived into her business foundations, her ambitions, and the competitive landscape. Logo? Not yet. We needed a spark, a “why” that fueled everything else. Jo identified what she loved about her work and who she loved helping the most. She came alive when we narrowed her focus to a specific target market: women entrepreneurs.

The deep-dive yielded an unexpected outcome which would make a significant change to the business. It was a bold move, but Jo embraced it.

That’s the beauty of brand-defining conversations – they push you to refine your core values, vision, and mission. With every question, every “dig deeper,” Jo uncovered something new about her ideal client, her offerings, and the direction she craved.

Ready to embark on your own brand transformation journey? Let’s talk!  

What our client said

“Mario took time to understand me and my business, and I worked through various questionnaires. This process forced me to rethink my core values, vision & mission, ideal client, and the direction of my business.

During conversations, Mario would press me for specifics, and he kept pushing until it felt like we had reached something that was authentic. It felt like he knew what I wanted better than I did, and his role was to guide me through the discovery process. I now have a much clearer view of what my business stands for, and I have a brand identity that feels right.”

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where we can give you some insights into your brand
Click the link below to arrange a 30 minute appointment where we can give you some insights into your brand