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How to work with Creatives

How to work with Creatives

Collaborating with creatives is like a band coming together, each playing their part to create a tune that gets everyone’s foot tapping. It’s a journey that should buzz with excitement and mesh your vision with the team’s execution like a well-rehearsed duet. But let’s face it, in the quick-paced world of today, this can feel more like a maze than a yellow brick road.

Imagine it’s Monday morning, the week ahead is jam-packed, and you’ve got meetings back-to-back. In the hustle, you find yourself wishing for a first draft that reads your mind, making words unnecessary.

We don’t have a magic wand for a flawless creative process, but we’ve got some practical tips that can help. These come from rolling up our sleeves and diving into many creative adventures.


Start with your brand playbook

Take the time to map out what your brand stands for. It’s not just about the logo or colors; it’s about the heart and soul of your brand. This deep dive will guide your team like a lighthouse, making sure that every creative choice is in tune with your brand’s core.


Give clear instructions

Start off with clear, detailed directions. Nail down the specifics – from margins to the type of visuals that inspire you. Creatives love to have a solid starting point, and the clearer your briefing, the smoother the ride from brainstorm to final product.


Encourage detailed feedback

Be as specific as you can. Instead of saying “make the logo bigger,” say “let’s increase the logo size by 25%.” Being precise can cut down on back-and-forth and sharpen the end result.


Use tech tools wisely

Make the most of tools like AI for briefs or direct file notes. They don’t just make talking easier; they also open doors to new creative possibilities, making sure your thoughts are reflected in the work without a hitch.


Keep your creativity alive

Keep that creative muscle flexing, be it through redecorating your space, gardening, or painting. Your own creative energy not only broadens your view but also strengthens your bond with the team, turning the work into something more than just a task.

When you step into a creative partnership, you’re painting a picture together, sharing a vision, and chasing excellence. These strategies are your toolkit for not just any project, but for creating a work that tells your brand’s unique tale. And if you ever want a co-creator for this adventure, we’re just a conversation away from bringing your vision to life.

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