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Ditch the Monologue, Embrace the Conversation: Why Your Brand Needs a Human Persona

Ditch the Monologue, Embrace the Conversation: Why Your Brand Needs a Human Persona

Ditch the Monologue, Embrace the Conversation: Why Your Brand Needs a Human Persona

In today’s digital landscape, saturated with logos and taglines, brands face a unique challenge: how to stand out and forge real connections with their audience. The answer lies not in shouting louder, but in whispering closer. It’s time to ditch the corporate monologue and embrace the human conversation – and that’s where a brand’s human persona comes in.

Think of your brand’s persona as the friendly face behind the logo, the relatable voice in the advertising. It’s not just a mascot or spokesperson; it’s the sum of your brand’s values, emotions, and even quirks, personified in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Here’s why crafting a captivating human persona is a powerful strategy:

  • Breaking down barriers
    A human personality removes the cold, corporate facade, inviting consumers to connect on a personal level. Imagine engaging with a brand that shares your sense of humor, your values, or even your everyday struggles. Suddenly, the brand becomes less of a faceless entity and more like a trusted friend.
  • Telling a compelling story
    Your brand story becomes a rich and relatable story of thuman interaction between your brand and your audience. This story includes history, triumphs, and even vulnerabilities, creating a narrative arc that draws your audience in and fosters empathy.
  • Guiding communication
    A brand persona provides a clear voice and tone for your brand’s messaging. Instead of dry, technical jargon, the persona can translate complicated concepts into everyday language, making your brand more approachable and understandable.
  • Sparking meaningful engagement
    Your brand can be the life of the party on social media, cracking jokes, engaging in conversations, and building a community around your brand. This fosters loyalty, encourages feedback, and turns passive consumers into active brand advocates.

How LG is Embracing the Power of Humanisation to Connect with its Audience

Lats year, LG’s “Life’s Good” campaign was one of the big brand stories. It was’t just about catchy slogans and vibrant visuals; it’s a strategic overhaul driven by a profound understanding of brand humanisation. Let’s delve into how LG is leveraging this powerful approach to forge deeper connections with its audience:

  1. Injecting personality and emotions
    LG embraced a playful, youthful spirit. The “Joy” and “Ryder” characters, the dynamic logo animations, and the energetic red colour palette all breathe life into the brand, making it relatable and engaging.
  2. Focusing on shared values
    The campaign revolves around the core value of “Life’s Good,” aligning with the human desire for optimism and positivity, especially in turbulent times. This shared emotional connection resonates with audiences on a deeper level than mere product features.
  3. Embracing storytelling
    The campaign tells the story of LG’s transformation, showcasing its commitment to innovation and dedication to improving people’s lives. This narrative approach resonates with our inherent desire for meaning and connection.
  4. Going beyond product
    LG shifted its focus from products to experiences, positioning itself as a “smart life solutions company.” This holistic approach acknowledges the human desire for fulfillment and meaningful connections within the tech space.
  5. Engaging across touchpoints
    The campaign extends beyond traditional advertising, incorporating social media, interactive elements, and even London’s iconic buses. This omnichannel approach ensures consistent brand messaging and fosters ongoing engagement with audiences.

The humanisation effect: By implementing these strategies, LG is reaping the benefits of brand humanisation:

  • Enhanced brand loyalty: Customers feel a deeper connection to a brand they perceive as relatable and understanding.
  • Improved brand perception: Audiences view LG as more than just a tech company; they see it as a partner in creating a better life.
  • Stronger emotional connection: LG evokes positive emotions like optimism and joy, fostering genuine brand affinity.
  • Distinctive positioning: By embracing human qualities, LG stands out in the saturated tech market, differentiating itself from the competition.


LG’s “Life’s Good” campaign serves as a compelling case study in brand humanisation. By focusing on shared values, emotions, and experiences, LG is forging deeper connections with its audience, paving the way for a brighter future in the tech landscape. This approach offers valuable lessons for any brand seeking to build genuine and lasting relationships with its customers.

Remember, effective branding is about more than just logos and taglines; it’s about tapping into the human emotions and aspirations that drive our behaviour. By embracing humanisation, brands like LG unlock a powerful new level of connection and achieve unparalleled success.

Ready to ditch the monologue and embrace meaningful conversations? Unmask your brand’s human persona.

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